Thrazza Studios

The Thrazza studios project was born from my love for visual storytelling. I enjoy consuming various forms of visual storytelling such as Film, Animation and Video Games. I wanted to develop my animation and illustration skills to be able to create my own visual stories. I chose to brand these animations under the fictional Thrazza Studios.

Images left to right: Marvel Studios intro, The Egg – Kurzgesagt (YouTube), Lords of War Series (YouTube)

I used the Thrazza Studios Logo to create a cinematic intro. Inspired by intros like Marvel Studios and other production company intros that feature at the start of films and Video Games.

The first animation produced as part of this project was a work of fanart. It was an animation to accompany the song ‘Shadow’ from the soundtrack of one of my favourite video games, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. It is an atmospheric and thematically dark game, so I aimed to make the visuals match that.

Audio: Shadow by David Garcia Diaz from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Original Soundtrack).

Miscellaneous Animations

The following is a selection of animations that weren’t part of a larger project. They each had different briefs and objectives but are all part of my visual storytelling work.

Time Tourist

Time Tourist is a brand that shows people interested in time travel the history of their local area. Below are two logos and accompanying short animations that I created for the brand. The logos are each based on a certain time period. I also used technology of the time as inspiration.


Based in the year 1999 this logo tries to capture the dotcom era’s aesthetic. The brand is based in Manchester which inspired the scenery of the animation.


Based in the year 2003 this logo is inspired by the spirit and opportunity Mars rover launches that took place. The two rovers were sent to uncover the history of Mars.

Meet The Teams

This animation is meant as an introduction to the members of my NFL Fantasy league and to highlight some stats about each team.

Automated Drone Routing System Interface

Based 300 years in the future when human civilisation has moved underwater and live in large underwater settlements. This animation shows the interface for the Automated Drone Routing System (A.D.R.S.) for one of the settlements. This is a completely automated system and the only means of transport between the settlements for both people and cargo.