The Roost Co-workspace

The Roost

In this project I was tasked with creating a brand for a new innovative co-workspace. During my research, I started to see certain trends with how some of the larger co-workspaces were run and marketed. One was the modern trends of idolising excessive work habits and always ‘being on the grind’. This has shown to lead to mental health problems that stem from the stress and exhaustion of overwork. Then the pandemic forced employees to evaluate their situations. People got used a better work-life balance when working from home and companies that didn’t look after their employees saw them leave. Now employees are demanding more from their employers. I want this co-workspace brand to reflect this new emphasis on work-life balance and valuing the individual’s mental wellbeing.

I wanted the workspace to be a warm and welcoming place. A place where you can come to work on your own or as part of a team. The name was inspired by a bird’s roost which is a communal place where birds can rest and feel safe.

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