The Krobs Project

The Krobs

A personal passion project that combines my love of music with my friends. It features my friendship group as a fictional band called ‘The Krobs’. This allows me to immortalise memorable moments in our friendship as album covers and other music related creative works. I am also developing my music production skills so that I can fully realise this project’s musical ambition.

Album Covers

I endeavour to make each cover special, and they are often influenced by the music I am currently listening to. I also enjoy the problem-solving aspect of using the same square canvas whilst attempting to capture these unique moments in our friendship.

Spotify Canvas Mockup

I have been fascinated with the Spotify Canvas feature since it was introduced. It is a short looping video that plays in the background of the currently playing song. I think it can really add to the impact of a piece of music and adds another avenue for the artist to convey the vision they have.

Merch Concepts