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TimeTourist Live Brief

TimeTourist is an organisation that takes tourists, who are interested in time travel, back in time to experience the history of their local area. As part of this porject I was tasked with creating 5 logos for the TimTourist brand, with 4 of these logos being designed as if they were from a certain year and one inspired by a graphic designer.

I was given two years (1899, 1999) and I chose 2 others (1929, 2003), and the fifth logo was inspired by the designer Lauren Hom.

When thinking about the designs for these logos, I decided on an overall theme that would persist throughout all the logos based on certain years. The idea that the TimeTourist company may have existed for a long time, and may have been developing the ability to ‘time travel’ alongside our advancements in technology. I Then looked for technological developments from each year that could have aided in TimeTourist organisation’s objectives of taking people to the past.

1899 – Cinomatograph

1999 – Internet

1928 – Electronic TV

Lauren Hom

2003 – Opportunity Spirit Mars Rovers


I also created an animation for two of the logos I had created. These built on the theme of each logo as well as the year they were set in.



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