Finnrii Channel Branding

Finnrii Twitch Channel

I was approached by Finnrii, who streams video gameplay content on twitch to develop their brand and create digital assets for their channel. The game Dota 2 is a big part of the channel’s content, so including elements of the game in the channels branding was important to the client.

Images left to right: Defensive structure (in-game Dota 2), Invoker (Dota 2 character), illustration by Nele Diel

The game Dota 2 is a world of supernatural and otherworldly themes. It heavily features magic and sorcery throughout its gameplay and story. One of the more iconic characters played by Finnrii is the ‘Invoker’. Invoker combines three elemental forms of magic to conjure spells. I took inspiration from this when developing the channels brand.

Video Assets

An arsenal of good quality video assets can help make a channel feel high quality. It also helps make down time like the beginning and ending of streams as well as intermissions feel less like down time.

Custom Channel Emotes

Viewer engagement is important to gain a loyal viewership and create a sense of community. Which is why custom channel emotes can add a personal touch to a channel’s chat.