Blog: Washington and Rams Rebrands

The LA Rams in 2015 petitioned the NFL with a request to relocate back to Los Angeles after 21 seasons in St Louis, which was accepted and they moved back to LA in 2016. They then underwent the construction of a new stadium and in 2020 unveiled a new brand for the team. They have kept the name but have updated the logo and colour scheme of their brand. They have created a more modern and flatter logo that better represents their new location. They also changed the colour scheme from the gold and navy they adopted in St Louis to the yellow and blue that they previously had. This has given the team a fresh lick of paint and modernised the brand for its new LA era. It is a good case study for creating a modern NFL brand and could be useful in informing my branding project.

Another recent case study is the Washington Commanders. Whilst the rebrand came about under very different circumstances, it could still be a useful for my project. The franchise was founded in 1932 as the Boston Braves, before becoming the Washington Redskins after a rename and relocation of the team a few years later. The name has drawn criticism from Native American groups since the 1960s and multiple attempts have been made to get the franchise to change its name and logo. But in 2020 during financial pressure from renewed activist movements over systematic racism the team finally retired the name and logo. The team then set out to rebrand, and used the name ‘Washington Football Team’ for 2 seasons before in 2022 announcing the new name ‘Washington Commanders’. The name has not been completely embraced with mixed feelings from fans and media but it will be a good project to research and gain information from.

Washington Rebrand, Photo by Emilee Fails/Washington Football Team


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