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With the values of my brand roughly outlines I set about thinking of a name for the brand. Some of the initial ideas where around being contrary to the status quo, with names like Mutiny and Repel. Whilst these captured the brands opposition to the corporate status quo, they seemed too harsh and like an anarchist activist group rather than a co-workspace. I then went down the route of a more positive name, with names like Germinate and Roost. Of the two I was drawn to Roost, as Germinate felt like it could be a plant related brand. I then changed it to ‘The Roost’ which implies a place instead of an action. A roost is a place that birds go to rest or sit, and a flock will often roost together. This captured the community aspect of the brand as well as the more positive effect that I want the brand to have on people. I also like the symbolism of birds as it is associated with freedom and is most common interaction most of us have with nature.

I then looked at the logo. I wanted to avoid a flat vector looking logo as I felt this was a modern corporate trend and wanted to stay away from this aesthetic. I focused on a more illustrated logo. I first tried to combine bird and mind iconography, to fuse the bird imagery of the name and the mental aspect of the brands values. I wasn’t successful in this and never felt like they properly worked together.

I then simplified and worked on using the bird imagery as the logo. I liked the simple bird silhouette below with the four colours. It would work well as an icon and the different colours could be changed for different applications or sub-brands. Whilst I liked the logo, the illustration style proved to be an issue. The black line boarder looked out of place next to text without an outline, but the text looked weird with a black outline.

I then developed a version without a black line, as well as altering the colours. I ultimately moved towards a flatter vector-based design, but this was due to the illustrated version not working with text well and also not working well at different sizes.

When it came to the colours I used, I wanted to use a warm colour as the main brand colour. This was to invoke warmth and positivity, which I wanted as values of the brand. I went with an orange as this colour symbolises warmth, enthusiasm and joy. I didn’t use other warm colours like yellow and red because I felt yellow wasn’t as versatile in various applications and red invoked passion and a higher level of energy. The colours used on the bird where to symbolise the sky, with the yellow of the sun with the gradient of blue as the sky. The orange streak was added in to tie the logo to the orange of the typography.

The typography is a sans-serif font with smooth curved corners. This is to help invoke calmness without sharp corners. The R’s leg is then swooping down below the o to symbolise support and it also makes the o look like it’s perched on the R much like birds do when roosting. The bird logo is then nested on top of the typography.

I ended up really liking this logo. Whilst it strayed back towards a flatter vector logo instead of the illustrated logo I first planned on. I felt that the different colours gave it depth and the silhouette still retained a element of hand drawn illustration.


I’m Aidan Moore, a Graphic Design student at University Centre St Helens.


Any questions or queries, get in touch in the following ways.


Based in St Helens, Merseyside, UK

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