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Flexible workspace, shared office space or co-workspaces, what ever name they go by, they are becoming increasingly popular. Both for individuals and companies. I have been given the brief of designing and branding a new co-workspace that stands out from current spaces. This was given on a trip to Macnhcester to view two design studios.

We visited two design studios, the first was Persona Sudio, here we were given the brief of designing and branding a new co-workspace that stands out from the current range and that could work with post pandemic work habits.

On this trip to Manchester we also visited two co-workspaces to see in person what they where like. The first was Ducie Street Warehouse, this place was more than a co-workspace, it has a mini-cinema, a restaurant, appartments to rent and other social spaces. Marketed more as a social hub than a workplace, its social spaces and events being it’s selling point. It has a very casual feel with areas using more comfortable seating and warmer colours and lighting.

The second was All Work & Social which was a lot larger of a complex and had less social spaces, with more space dedicated to workspace. There were a variety of spaces, with individual work pods to office space for a small team. This one had a more professional and clean feeling. Like the previous it had an area for social events and it also had a gym.

These have given a good starting point for my research into different workspaces and what I might want mine to look like.

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I’m Aidan Moore, a Graphic Design student at University Centre St Helens.


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