Blog: Brand Concept

After my research I started to develop a good idea of what I wanted my co-workspace to be. Driven by my strong dislike of Google and WeWork as organisations, I wanted to be contrary in my brands purpose and values. These large corporations portrayed themselves as people focused and about empowering the worker. But when it came down to it, WeWork fired thousands of employees and Google neglects theirs.

I wanted my co-workspace to be centred around education, resources and improving work-life balance. I wanted it to be a place people could educate themselves on topics like Mental Health, workers rights and economic issues. I wanted the co-workspace brand to provide resources to help people improve themselves and their circumstances. Through things like providing basic counselling services, providing comfortable workspaces, or providing membership perks centred around ways to improve happiness.

I was drawn to the membership aspect of the Knackeriet co-workspace. The other spaces seemed to blend into one. They where all very similar, just with different aesthetics and layouts but ultimately aiming at the same audience.

In recent years the ‘rise and grind’ mentality has become increasing more present. This mentality that is perpetuated by popular culture and social media, idolises overworking and exhaustion. These people often take pride in how much they work and their lack of sleep, seeing it as a rite of passage. They idolise wealth and status above all else and devote their lives to these corporate goals. Feeling like if they’re not working, they’re not progressing or they’re falling behind others. I want my brand to stand opposed to this mentality. By educating people around overworking and burnout, I hope to help people maintain a healthier work-life balance and safeguard their physical and mental health.


I’m Aidan Moore, a Graphic Design student at University Centre St Helens.


Any questions or queries, get in touch in the following ways.


Based in St Helens, Merseyside, UK

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