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Final Major Project

This page is a blog documenting the process of researching and developing ideas for the topic and outcome of my Final Major Project.

Mind Mapping My Interests

Initially I have created a mind map to collect all of my thoughts and areas of interest that could be used as the basis for my final major project. I will then use it to select a topic and further areas within this topic that could be part of the project.

History of the NFL

The NFL was founded in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association with owners of already established teams creating the league. The league only contained 10 teams, with only two of those teams still members of the league today.

The NFL’s Expansion

The NFL has made it no secret that they wish to expand their brand nationally and globally, through increasing the competitiveness of the league as well as expanding marketing abroad. The major way they have done this is through the international games that they have played in other countries.

Sports Team Branding

Branding a sports team seems like a unique process, unlike a commerce company that is selling a product or service to a target audience, sports teams are a social and competitive enterprise that relies on support from local communities for survival.

Sports Team Branding

As part of initial research I create a small questionnaire to get a small sample of general knowledge about the NFL in the UK. It didn’t garner a lot of responses but gives a good quick look at what people know about the NFL.

Picking a Topic

After creating a large mind map of all my areas of interest and investigating each topic, I have decided upon the topic I will move forward with and base my project around. This topic is the NFL and more specifically, an NFL franchise based in St Helens.

The NFL’s Structure

The NFL is a much more corporate organization than sports leagues in the UK. This is due to the environment that the league has grown up in. Founded the 1920s it didn’t really see success until the 1960s when the NFL merged with its competitor AFL to form a monopoly on the sport that has lasted until this day.

Washington and Rams Rebrands

The LA Rams in 2015 petitioned the NFL with a request to relocate back to Los Angeles after 21 seasons in St Louis, which was accepted and they moved back to LA in 2016. They then underwent the construction of a new stadium and in 2020 unveiled a new brand for the team.

NFL Teams Graphic Design

There are a lot of design outcomes for NFL teams outside of the usual name, logo and uniform. Social media has been a big area of growth for sports teams in recent years, providing a great opportunity for fan interaction and to grow a teams brand.

UK Franchise Locations

London is widely considered as the most likely destination for a franchise outside of the US, with multiple executives even predicting a franchise as soon as 2022, though these predictions were made before the 2020 pandemic shut things down.


I’m Aidan Moore, a Graphic Design student at University Centre St Helens.


Any questions or queries, get in touch in the following ways.


Based in St Helens, Merseyside, UK

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