About Me

Hey, I’m Aidan.

I am a 3rd year graphic design student at University Centre St Helens. I am retraining as a graphic designer after previously achieving a degree in Computer Science and Forensic Science. This has resulted in me developing a creative yet practical approach to design. Studying these scientific subjects has also helped me become an adept problem solver with an analytical mind. But programming and Forensic lab-work didn’t scratch the creative itch I have. Through graphic design I have found a passion that allows me to combine problem solving and creative expression.

I enjoy maintaining a broad skillset and being involved in different types of projects. I have a desire to learn new skills. This combined with my advanced computer skills allows me to pick up new software quickly. I have a good level of proficiency in all the major programs of the Adobe Suite. I am looking to explore more about blender/3d and Ableton/music production to add to my skillset in the future.

Contact Info

Email: amooredesign@outlook.com